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Document Management

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Deviation Management

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All contracts in one place

Contract Management

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Process Management

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Quality and security

Many of our customers acquire IT support for their management system in order to manage documents, agreements, cases and deviations in accordance with rules required by standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001 or ISO 22000. Centuri facilitates the highly time consuming work of ensuring that the right version of the right document is available at the right time, or providing reminders that an agreement has to  be renewed or cancelled on time.

Centuri has brought structure to our documents and contracts, which has resulted in managers and employees placing greater confidence and trust in them. All documents and contracts are now available and searchable for all employees, and they are also approved by managers and executives at the right level and with the right authority.

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What is Centuri and how long has the system been available?

Centuri AB offers the best system on the market for handling management information. The three most important aspects are document management, contract management and case and deviation management. Since 1998, Centuri has taken overall responsibility by developing, owning and delivering the Centuri product, as well as providing support to customers. Our partnerships are characterised by customer focus, knowledge consideration and efficiency.

Centuri is quick and straightforward to implement, and easy to customise, modify and configure. You can start working in Centuri right away, immediately after the first day of configuration. Setup and installation is done by in-house consultants with extensive experience of the product. We also provide support after delivery. This is what we mean by overall responsibility.

What is the Centuri document management system?

Centuri document management helps organisations keep track of and organise all the information to which employees need quick access, such as procedures, instructions, guidelines, etc. The system provides all the functionality you would expect in the form of version control, traceability and searches, but also the ability to define reminders and activities related to documents such as reporting instructions or meeting minutes.

What is the Centuri contract management system?

With Centuri contract management, all contracts can be collated in a single location. Thanks to the intuitive interface and powerful access management system, it is easy to make customer and supplier contracts available to the relevant people. And it has a reminder feature, ensuring that things get done on time!

What is the Centuri deviation and case management system?

Centuri deviation and case management enables everyone in the organisation to report different types of cases, deviation, improvement proposals, customer feedback, accident and incident reporting, complaints, audit discrepancies. We also provide mobile solutions for this.

What smart features does Centuri have?

Centuri Document Management has several smart features, such as version control, traceability, effective searches, etc., but also the ability to define reminders and activities relating to documents, such as reporting instructions or meeting minutes.

For every contract in the Centuri contract management system, an unlimited number of monitored dates can be defined. Examples of dates to be monitored include extension dates, index-adjustment dates and end dates. Any number of people can be linked to each monitored date and automatically be reminded by email and having a task added to their “To-do lists”.

The Centuri Deviation and Case Management can be tailored to suit the precise needs of your organisation. Examples of smart features include easy reporting, automatic information to the relevant people, a good search feature and traceability, good statistics tools that provide the opportunity to identify problem areas.

Why should we purchase Centuri and what will it cost?

Centuri was one of the first systems on the market. The system is developed by us, is flexible and user-friendly with low purchase and operating costs. Everyone working at Centuri has extensive experience of the system and we understand that every customer is unique, adapting both the system and the implementation project to meet their needs.

Centuri is a system support tool where, after training/implementation, you quickly become self-sustaining, which means low operating and administrative costs. There are different types of licenses based on the different needs of the users and the number of licenses required is determined by the size of the organisation and how their business operates.

Different options for the purchase and rental of software licenses are also available. The number of service hours associated with implementation and training is governed by a standardised model, which means that you quickly get an overview of the need. Based on this, at a very early stage, you quickly get an indication of the costs for implementing Centuri.

Can we access the information in Centuri from the web and/or a mobile phone?

Our mobile solution is called Centuri Plus and it enables the user to search and read documents, but also report non-conformities or write improvement proposals using mobile devices based on iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Android.

What is required to install Centuri?

The system can either be installed in the customer's own IT environment or else be provided as a cloud service. The information in Centuri can easily be mirrored on the Intranet or a website, as many organisations prefer to gather all their information in one place. In addition, several of our customers integrate with other systems, both for retrieving documents and data from other systems, but also for providing others with access to the information stored in Centuri.

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