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Information management
the way your brain wants it.

Never excuse a mess! Success in business requires control. Centuri helps you create and manage all types of documents and contracts as well as handle and follow up on cases. And get an overview in all the chaos.

Business management

Administer less, earn more!

Research shows that we spend 44% of our working time on administration. Often searching for information that is lost, duplicated and in different places. Many try to survive the chaos by creating individual structures on local drives or in mail-boxes, which only makes things even more chaotic.

Human Resources

Improve employee well-being

Information chaos results in lower productivity and competitiveness but not the least – dissatisfaction and stress. Effective information management is a great asset. People work more efficiently, make smarter decisions and feel less stress.

Höj motivationen hos medarbetarna
IT-skapa irdning åt alla

Organize for control

An IT managers’ task is to give the organization a uniform IT architecture and a simpler everyday life. A content services platform can help replacing fragmented information islands and parallel interfaces.


= Quality

Complying with regulations and certifications can be a challenge. Centuri is a simple and flexible system that ensures all employees receive relevant, current information based on role and deviations are rectified in time.


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In a survey, 46% of leading decision makers said that lack of information decreases predictability and decision quality. A well-functioning information management results in lower costs and higher profits.


More and more are getting in control.

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