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    Centuri AB offers a market leading system for the management of unstructured information - documents, contracts and all kinds of cases. Since 1998 we have developed and maintained our own product and supplied support to our customers. Our relationships are characterized by costumer orientation, knowledge, care and efficiency.

    Centuri is fast and simple to implement and easy to adopt, change and configure. Already by the end of the first configuration day you can start working with Centuri. All the implementation projects are conducted by our own consultant with a long experience of the product. 

    Centuri document management helps organizations keep control of all the information that the coworker quickly need to access, for example routine descriptions, instructions, guidelines. The system offers all the functionality that you can expect regarding versioning, traceability, search function but also the opportunity to define reminders and activities connected to the document.

    With Centuri contract management all contracts can be managed in one common place. The intuitive user interface and powerful user rights management makes it easier to make customer and supplier agreements accessible to the right stakeholders.

    Centuri deviation and case management makes it possible for everyone to report different types of cases, deviations, improvement suggestions, customer viewpoints, accidents and incident reports, complaints, audit discrepancies etc. Regardless if you do it via mobile phone, a tablet or a computer.

    Centuri is completely responsive and works on all mobile devices and reading tablets with a modern browser (HTML5) without the need to install and update any applications.

    The system can be installed in your own IT environment or delivers as a cloud service. The information in Centuri can in a simple way reflect on the intranet or on a website when many organisations want to collect all their information in one common place.

    Several of our customer have integrations to other systems, partly to find documents but also to give other system access to information that is in Centuri.

    Centuri document management contains many smart functions such as versioning, traceability, effective search etc. There is also the opportunity to define reminders and activities connected to documents as report instructions and meeting protocols.

    For every contract being conducted in the Centuri contract management system an unlimited number of monitoring dates can be defined. Examples of dates to monitor is extension date, date for index adjustment and end-date. For every monitoring date a number of persons can be reminded by email and a task created that can be found in the specific users' “To-do list” in Centuri.

    Centuri deviation and case management can be customized to your organizational needs. Examples of smart functions are simple reporting, automatic notification to stakeholders, fast and easy search function and traceability, interaction control for communication with external parties, search for related cases etc. It is also easy to create reports that give an overview and enable the organization to identify problem areas.

    Centuri 9 is a totally new platform based on modern technic and over 20 years of experience. The system is flexible and user friendly with low purchasing and maintenance costs. We are specialized on complex information management which means that we built a flow engine and an authorizing system that can handle all business and regulatory demands on information management that you can expect.

    The system is built on “low code” principles, which mean that you easily can adjust the system to changed conditions and different information needs without external consultant costs. Simple integrations enables you to build your own information flows that makes all the information islands becomes a unity and manual double work can be minimized.

    The system is delivered either as an on-premise installation or as software-as-a-service where you pay per month for access to the system. The prices are depending on the

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