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Centuri is a transparent, flexible and easy to use system that secures that every case or document is being handled rapidly by the right person. The powerful engine creates workflows with a clear division of roles, responsibility and access.

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Centuri works as well on a smart phone or a tablet as on a computer. The system keeps control of everything and automatically sends out reminders so that nothing gets forgotten. The menus are adaptive and only show commands that you are able to perform. The language control enables you to decide which language to work in even down to customized forms.

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Information is provided and collected automatically between different systems. No more double work filling in information that already exists in another system. With modern integration protocols (REST-based) you will get a system that is compatible with most systems, even some outside your own organization.

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No one sits on all the information. Sometimes we need to ask our coworkers. Centuri enables common editing of documents so that you don’t get caught in separate documents that need to be consolidated to create a whole. In deviations or other cases e-mail conversations with others can be collected in the system automatically to give an overview, history  and transparency. With our connector to e-signing solutions all the documents can be approved both within the organization and by external part. 

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Centuri supports you in reporting things that don’t work or could work better. It is easy to get an overview of what has gone wrong, the root causes and how it can be corrected. Which units, processes and activities are risk factors? Centuri ensures that actions are being taken and facilitates evaluation of the result. Enabling risk prevention and the creation of a learning organization creates a good foundation for a more efficient and profitable company.

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The best job is the one that you don’t have to do. The benefit of an automated information flow can’t be explained in a better way. The system only asks you to fill in what is relevant given your earlier input and filters out the irrelevant. By simple integration of the information flow with other systems you can already pre-fill information and steer the flow depending upon the input. Maybe even fully automate the outcome so that your organization can put their effort to the cases where the human mind is truly needed.

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A minimum of human effort. That was the goal when we developed Centuri 9. The search function is based on Elasticsearch, today the world's largest and most modern search platform. All information is indexed, which increases accuracy and reduces the need for manual metadata. Knowing who is looking for information by which group or unit they belong to further increases our ability to deliver relevant search results.

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