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For many employees, the mobile phone is now the most important tool after the PC. Faster mobile networks, high-resolution screens and improved user-friendliness mean that many tasks are currently being carried out on mobile phones.

We experience Centuri as a user-friendly program and the supplier has good service and support!

Anneli Pryssander, Product developer,

Källbergs Industri AB

Centuri OnBoard

Our customers who use Centuri OnBoard for their company board tell us they have stopped distributing paper copies and are now using tablets, such as iPads, for their board meetings. The handling of paper documents that used to precede each meeting has now been replaced by online access to current documents after which they are posted for the board members.


OnBoard Mobility

In recent years we have seen an enormous rise in the use of mobile devices. For many people, the phone has taken over as their most important tool after the computer. Faster mobile networks, high resolution displays and user-friendly interfaces have led to many tasks now being managed on mobile devices. Centuri provides apps through which users can access and read documents on iPads/iPhones or Android devices.

Company boards need to make important decisions based on the most recent information about their operations and businesses. Board members are expected to be properly informed about the issues being discussed in order for the meeting to be effective.

Traditionally, documentation was disseminated on paper, by mail or as email attachments a few days prior to each meeting. Changes were often made at the last minute which meant that the distributed material was frequently out of date.

The benefits of Centuri OnBoard

Centuri OnBoard runs as an encrypted, cloud-based service, which enables the board’s documentation to be made available exclusively to everyone concerned.

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