Contract Management

Collect all contracts in a single place! Centuri permissions system makes it easy to make customer and supplier agreements available to the right people with reminders so that things get done on time! The access management system makes it possible to regulate access to contracts down to the individual level.

Centuri has brought structure to our documents and contracts, which has resulted in managers and employees placing greater confidence and trust in them. All documents and contracts are now available and searchable for all employees, and they are also approved by managers and executives at the right level and with the right authority.

Dag Salaj, Chief Medical Officer,

Capio Geriatrics Dalen

Centuri Contract Management

Centuri Contract Management lets you assemble all contracts in one place. Centuri’s intuitive interface and powerful access management system make it easy to make customer and supplier agreements accessible to relevant employees. In addition, reminders ensure that things get done on time!

Monitoring due dates

Any number of monitoring dates can be defined for each managed contract. Dates to monitor may include extension dates, dates for index adjustment and deadlines. Each monitoring date can link to any number of employees, who automatically receive email reminders, either as a primary or copied recipient. It is also possible to add reminders to individual members’ “To-do” lists.

Supporting all forms of contracts

Centuri Contract Management supports the management of internally drafted contracts, as well as scanned contracts from suppliers. Templates for internally drafted contracts are easily managed in Centuri Document Management, and the features in the contract management part are then used for managing and monitoring individual contracts.


Centuri Contract Management

Contract-specific properties

Centuri Contract Management allows for any number of contract types to be created, such as customer, supplier and support contracts. Contract-specific properties can be defined for each type of contract. Such properties include start date, deadline, contract administrator, notice period, supplier and automatic renewal.

Access rights

The Centuri access management system makes it possible to regulate access to contracts down to the individual level.


Completed reports make it possible to gain an overview of upcoming events, filter for different types of contracts and more.

Examples of areas of use

Furthermore, the contract feature can be used for any type of information requiring reminders or the definition of information-specific

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