Deviation Management

Manage non conformity and deviations in a structured way. Follow-up deviations to identify problem areas and eliminate risks.

By introducing Centuri Document and Deviation Management, we have streamlined our business processes, which helps prevent risk, thereby increasing security and reducing costs.

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Deviation Management

Centuri Deviation Management enables you to quickly identify and respond to deviations and unexpected events in all types of business processes. The system’s user-friendliness, flexible architecture and high performance makes it reliable, adaptable and very easy to use. Your organisation will quickly adopt the system, thereby enabling you to manage, follow up and continuously improve everything from customer to production processes, effectively and with a high clearance rate.

Process improvements in all their forms, auditing and inspection, quality and environmental work, all require some type of deviation management. A system where changes or deviations from the standard or the norm, or from what is planned and expected, can be reported and followed up in an efficient manner. Centuri Deviation Management provides an easy-to-use and flexible system that ensures that all faults, defects and changes are noted and addressed quickly. The system’s customisable roles and case features also ensure that all the relevant people and roles are involved and kept informed in every deviation process, so that no case is left unattended, ignored or forgotten.

Centuri Deviation and Case Management system complies with the strict requirements from SWEDAC, FDA, BRC as well as other standards, such as ISO 9001, 14001 and 22000. This is reflected by our customers, the overwhelming majority of whom have accredited or certified management systems.

The benefits of Centuri Deviation Management

Higher levels of efficiency and better control

The solution gives you the opportunity to enhance oversight, control, management and follow-up of all deviations on a single platform. All manual handling can be completely eliminated. The system saves time and money, reduces the number of incorrect reports and also improves the traceability, follow-up and transparency of deviation management.

Reporting is easy and fast

Centuri Deviation Management results in easier reporting, and faster lead times through a flexible, web-based interface with a high degree of accessibility, on both desktop and mobile devices. The mobile interface means that employees at every stage of a business process can report deviations the very moment they occur.

It is very easy to create report forms in the system. There are many powerful tools and pre-defined form controls that minimize the time needed for the creation of forms. Your employees and other users just need to create a new deviation case and click their way through the form controls and/or describe the deviation in the free text field and then click Send.

During the life cycle of a case, it is important that the right people are informed. The person who took the time to report a deviation must be able to follow it and obtain information when an action has been taken. If feedback is missing, employees and other people reporting in the system will feel that the reporting process is pointless. It is equally important that key people receive information about cases that concern them. For example, a quality control manager receives information about a quality deviation or a production manager is alerted about a shut down.

With Centuri Deviation Management, it is significantly easier to keep track of all reporting and no deviation report risks getting stuck or “falling through the cracks”. Every part of the entire reporting and follow-up process is visible and easy to follow. Therefore, your employees and other users receive faster feedback on their reports.

When a deviation report is registered, the automated system takes care of the distribution to the relevant process owners and other senior managers. The system’s easily configured follow-up and reminder functionality also ensure that the report is followed up, decisions are made and the necessary steps taken.

Powerful analysis and decision-making support

Centuri Deviation Management supports text searches as well as searches by property. This makes it easy to find all cases and activities that relate to “overdue deliveries”, a specific part number or “trichlorethylene”, for example.

The system’s analysis and statistics features also make it possible to quickly identify trends, recurring problems and defects, or to find solutions. You can also find out what processes or products have the highest number of reported deviations. Furthermore, you can ascertain if there are actions for similar deviations that you can reuse. The built-in support tools offer everything from standard reports to data warehousing export.

Areas of Application

Below are some examples of areas in which Centuri Deviation Management can be used. A high degree of configurability means that Centuri Deviation Management can be used for many more applications.

Following up and checking the health of the quality and environmental control systems to ensure compliance with the standards, is perhaps the most common application. Especially for companies with certified management systems, such as ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. With Centuri Deviation Management, a method can be established that ensures what is reported is taken care of properly and that the agreed measures are implemented and followed up. The solution also enables you to identify problem areas, eliminate defects and ultimately reduce the cost of defects. Examples areas include: environmental, production, delivery, safety and patient deviations.

Auditing deviations

Deviations identified in connection with various types of audits are recorded and managed as cases in Centuri Deviation Management. Audits can be conducted using various methods and Centuri Deviation Management can be customised and configured to meet a variety of needs. Centuri’s mobile interface facilitates inspections in geographically dispersed locations.

Customer service

Today, a lot of interaction with customers takes place online and Centuri Deviation Management can be used to receive and follow up on customer feedback via the website. See also Centuri Complaints, which has been specially developed for complaints management.

Accident and Incident reporting

Preventing incidents from becoming accidents, and preventing accidents from being repeated, is important in all organisations. Centuri makes work easier by facilitating reporting and ensuring that the agreed measures are implemented and followed up.

Maintenance and service

Regardless of whether it concerns a broken photocopier or production downtime, most companies need to quickly request assistance in order to alleviate the impact on production. By making it easy to request maintenance, which is then automatically sent to the maintenance department, lead times can be shortened from the initial request to corrective action. Deviations may also be subject to investigation in order to prevent the problem from happening again.

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