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Centuri Document Management is a comprehensive solution that easily and effectively keeps track of all operational and business information as as guidelines, policies, instructions, forms and protocols.

I have long experience working with Centuri document management system. Centuri helps us keep track of documents in our management system and is suitable for small as well as big companies and organisations.

Anna-Lena Östensson, Quality manager,

Fåddman AB

Centuri Document Management System

Centuri is a user-friendly document management system that can help your organisation to simply and effectively keep track of information to which employees need quick access. Centuri also complies with the high quality requirements of SWEDAC, FDA, BRC as well as standards such as ISO 9001, 14001 and 22000. This is reflected in our customers, the vast majority of whom are accredited or have a certified management system.

Benefits of Centuri

The enormous amount of information available today increases the need to control the flow of information within organisations. There is a constant exchange of information internally, but also externally to customers, owners, suppliers and government agencies. An organisation’s success depends on communicating information that is comprehensible, clear and up to date. This need is often accentuated by external requirements arising from different standards and regulations. Centuri streamlines documentation management on all levels. Centuri not only deals with the presentation itself but actively supports the document publication process. There are many benefits: shorter lead times from concept to published document, better overview and a simpler process for amending information when needed.

Centuri Document Management

Easy to find information

In order for people to find the use of a document management system worthwhile, it must make finding the requisite information easy. Surveys show that a great deal of time is spent searching for relevant information. This can quickly escalate into a major source of irritation, unnecessarily consuming both time and energy. For that reason, Centuri AB have decided that the most crucial factor is simplicity. Centuri provides each user with a customised selection of information, as well as an active search feature for both document properties and document contents.


Easy to create and amend information

The world around you as well as your own organisation are constantly evolving. Therefore, the information used to govern operations must keep pace with changing conditions. In order to achieve this, the administrative process for modifying and distributing information cannot be so labour intensive as to becomes an obstacle. Centuri eliminates a range of obstacles for document publication by providing simple and efficient support throughout the publication process. Tried and tested training courses make it easy even for inexperienced users.

User-friendly interface

Centuri offers a user-friendly interface to enable the user to quickly find the correct information. Employees do not need to know where the information is stored; they can simply focus on finding it. This is done by using different views. These views display the information in different ways and the user selects the method best suited for a specific task. Switching between views is a quick process, making it possible to choose the perfect method of presentation. Centuri also filters the information that is relevant to the employee.

Powerful search function

In addition to finding information through views, Centuri’s powerful search feature enables you to search for:

There must never be any doubt that the information is current. Users of Centuri never need to worry about this. All information in the system is approved, published and valid. To find out more about a document, you can view its properties. The properties indicate who prepared, reviewed and approved the document, as well as its period of validity, associations with other documents, departments, units, roles, processes, standards, etc.

Comparison with earlier versions

At times it can be difficult to determine precisely what has been amended between two published versions. Centuri helps by providing a comparison document in which it is easy to see the difference between the current edition and the previous one.

Comments on published documents

Centuri allows the user to add comments to the documents. These comments are sent automatically via email to the relevant people. Employees can be safe in the knowledge that the process is automatic and with Centuri, there is no need to be concerned about it. If it is easy to add comments to a document, there is a greater chance of the information being correct, which benefits everyone in the organisation.

Integrated help

Centuri is easy to administer as there are clear dialogues and a help feature built into the system, which guides the coordinator/system administrator through the process. Centuri is designed to make it easy to introduce changes in the system to keep pace with the growth of the company. This could involve employee turnover, for instance, or company restructuring.


How is information created in Centuri?

Centuri facilitates every stage of the process, from creating a new document to archiving it. The image above provides examples of the possible stages in the publication process, but they may vary depending on the type of document that is being published and how the system was configured. For example, it is possible to have several reviewers and/or referral recipients for certain types of control documents, and some reporting documents require neither review, referral nor approval, and so can be published directly.

Use optional programmes

The texts can be written in most applications, such as Microsoft Word, Open Office, Power Point or Excel. Centuri is entirely independent of the application used to write documents, but there are some added features when working in Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel.

Paper recipients

Centuri provides features for managing and distributing registered paper copies that will be displayed on notice boards, tarifold organisers, binders, etc.

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