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An integrated solution to visualize and connect processes to relevant documents. Our integrated solutions make it easier to create, implement, manage and revise processes and business models.

I'm very fond of Centuri. The system gives us, among other things, the possibility to link documents to one or more processes, which simplifies our work and saves us time. The functionality of Centuri leads to many synergies as a registration of a document and case results in various types of business benefits.

Catarina Blomgren, Principal Secretary,

Sophiahemmet University

Centuri processes and process modulation

In partnership with 2conciliate Business Solutions (2c8) Centuri provides an integrated overall solution for visualising and linking processes to relevant documents. Using the 2c8 Modeling Tool and our document management system, you will be able to draw and link the operating processes to the correct documents with process descriptions, regulations, etc. Our integrated solutions make it easier to create, introduce, administrate and revise processes and operating models. For those organisations/companies that have already visualised their processes, it is easy to integrate them with Centuri.

The benefits of integrated process modelling and document management

There are many good reasons for using a visualisation and modelling tool for processes. You can use it for analysing and improving processes in your operations, for creating a visual management system, for mapping business risks, and so on. Common to all applications is that the modelling tool makes the processes clearer and easier to grasp, which enables you to see the bigger picture and understand each individual process. And by linking the visual process objects to relevant documents, you can create a complete operating and management system that is very easy to understand and use.

Seeing and understanding the bigger picture, quickly and intuitively

The 2c8 Modeling Tool enables your employees to quickly gain an understanding of the overall structure, process flows and information they need. Through the integration into Centuri, individual documents or nodes with several documents can be linked to objects and models that make the documents accessible directly in the web-based interface. The use of document nodes means that documents can be updated/added/archived without any need to update the process maps. This is of great importance in organisations where the responsibility for information is delegated throughout the organisation.

Developing operations using simple models

Visualising flows, junctions and responsibilities in your business makes it easier for process owners and others to understand how all the parts are interconnected. It also makes it easier to see defects and identify opportunities for improvement and streamlining. Simply put, models make difficult tasks easy.

Manage processes in Centuri with 2c8's process modelling tool

Interconnecting important documents in a clear web

Documents on quality, standards, management and control have a tendency to grow quickly in volume and complexity. Even if you have a document management system with a well-structured document tree, such as Centuri’s, it may sometimes be difficult to get a good overview, and see which documents belong to which process. Using 2c8 Modeling Tool, enables you to interconnect all quality and control documents into one process, one flow or control point, and thus see where all the documents belong. It also makes it easier for employees, executives, auditors and others to find and access the documents they need in any situation.

Streamlining and reducing the number of documents

Visualising all documents with visualisation and process models also makes it clearer which documents are really necessary. Frequently, documents are created with similar content in order to support different processes or links in the same process flow. A visual model makes it easier to see the contexts and the possibility of using the same document for several processes. Thereby reducing the number of documents as well as the number of working hours.

Areas of use

Management system

By mapping the processes of your operations, legal requirements and standards can easily be linked to the activities that should manage them, and the necessary work methods, skills and documents are created.

Models created in the 2c8 Modeling Tool are published online and the users can easily see their tasks in the management system. Through the integration into Centuri, all documents about implementation are easily accessible.

Organisational development and LEAN

The 2c8 Modeling Tool aims to streamline the processes of your operations in order to enable you to see more easily which requirements and needs a process must support. A process is modelled by having the relevant key employees answer the questions why, what, how and who. When these questions have been answered, you have a finished process model and an agreement on how the process should be designed.

However, the main challenge is not the creation of the process, but the introduction and administration of it. This is where document management comes in. Linking regulatory and control documents to the process makes it easier for the organisation to find, create and update the process information and carry out the process correctly.

The combination of these tools also creates an excellent technical platform for the LEAN project. The solution provides a clear, visual overview of all value-creating and non-value-creating activities. Linking improvement documents and analyses to each activity provides an easy-to-use and powerful collaborative tool for constant improvement and resource optimisation that focuses on the customer.

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